30 Day Rod Return Money Back!


Buying a new rod? What are some of the thoughts you ask yourself before deciding on a rod? 

                                             - How does this rod fish/feel?

                                             - Will this rod work well with my reel/line setup?

                                             - What if I don’t like the way it casts? 

                                             - How sensitive is it? 

                                             - Is the action/power true to its description? 

                                             - What if the handle isn’t comfortable?

                                             - Is it light or heavy in hand? 

                                             - How is the overall durability and craftsmanship?

                                             - How is this company's warranty/service?

When deciding on a high performance rod, you want to be sure the rod you're choosing is a smart investment that you're going to be happy to fish with for years to come! That's why Alaska Rod Co offers a 30 day return money back advantage! If the rod doesn’t fit your fishing expectations, simply contact us within 30 days of your order fulfillment date and we will coordinate the return. Once we get the rod back we will issue you a refund.